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Posted On Nov 15 2019

Looking for What’sApp groups on topics that you enjoy discussing about ? There are a lot groups on What’sApp but discovering them is quite hard, especially since many of them are not very exposed. We will give a few tricks on who are the most popular WhatsApp groups by topics and also introduce you to a website that will make finding groups much easier. is a website that makes finding videos groups on WhatsApp very easy. Feeling lonely? Wanting to talk ? This website can help you connect to groups where you will be able to discuss about your favorite topic. Let’s see who are the most popular What’sApp groups, on multiple topics.

Sendbee will soon enable you just that in the simplest possible way. You are going to include a payment link along with your offer and your customers will be able to complete the purchase with a credit or debit card within WhatsApp’s web-view. Last but not least, WhatsApp can do wonders for your team or company communication. It’s extremely easy to create chat groups for different teams and departments. Instead of adding everyone manually, you can invite them using a group link. How? Quora Kolkata WHATSAPP GROUP. You can join this group. We can definitely go ahead and share ideas.You can ask your friends to join who use Quora. We are aiming to get all kind of people ranging from businessmen, students, IT working people, Engineers, Artists and many other. So you can hit any question under the sun to get it resolved.

What’sApp groups are not only good for talking, it can also help your business. If your customer base is global, or if your customer travels globally, know this: as of early 2018, WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in 104 countries. And it has the highest smartphone penetration rates as high as 95% in some of those countries. Because it’s free for users, WhatsApp has, in less than a decade, become the most popular app for personal and business conversations. That popularity is unrivaled in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, with the exception of China who tends to prefer WeChat for business communications. The rise of smartphone penetration in these regions has also accelerated the use of messaging apps as a preferred channel for commercial transactions, as well. If you want to tap into a more global market, WhatsApp should absolutely be in your communications portfolio.

I thought that was a wonderful way of utilizing the WhatsApp Group Chat function to add value to people’s lives. However a word of caution: Group chats can be immensely annoying at times. And if you don’t take guard, they can drain you of your precious time and peace of mind. Below I thought of sharing some Dos and Don’ts of WhatsApp (or any other) group chats: The more generic the group is, the more the possibility of unwanted messages, while the more specific a group is, the more the possibility of quality communication that you can benefit from. For example: Joining a ‘working mother’s’ group is always better than joining the ‘Woman’s’ group. Also before joining a group ask yourself – how will it edify me or what value can I add to others’ lives through it. If you are part of a group that sends teasing comments, lewd jokes or unnecessary forwards, it is better to opt out rather than allow your ears and eyes to be a place where others can dump their trash. And no, nobody will feel bad about it. From time to time keep coming back to the motive behind creating the group and check whether you as a group admin or member are in line with it. See more details at Click here to join Whatsapp Groups.

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Written by Marie Poppins