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Posted On Aug 22 2020

High quality paper tube manufacturer by Hopakpackaging? As a professional paper tube supplier, we offer our customers tailor-made cardboard tubes solutions to optimize the brand’s competitiveness in the market. You just need to tell us your product, we can offer professional advice. All our mailing tubes are made from eco-friendly, biodegradable, environmental material, including paper material, glue, ect.. Also our packaging can be reused or recycled.

Turn a cardboard tube into a small gift box! Press down on the tube to flatten it, then press the edges in to create flaps. Place your gift inside, then tie it closed with ribbon or string. You could also paint the tube beforehand to make it look a little less cardboard-y! Use a cardboard tube to keep your baking mats organized. Just roll the mats up and slide them into a cardboard tube. You can save a lot of space by storing them this way!

Beyond printing do you have other customized options? Yes, we have hot stamping, UV, embossing, debossing, ect.. Matte lamination is a matte film adhered to regular paper or film with an adhesive, often by heat-activation. Gloss lamination is a glossy film adhered to regular paper or film with an adhesive, often by heat-activation. Simple, but functional accessories are inspiring your paper tube packaging to fit your products. We offer a FREE initial assessment of your current packaging usage and determine your objectives in order to source cheaper, greener options. Read extra details at cardboard tubes manufacturer.

What kind of material do you use? Is it eco-friendly? Black kraft paper : fine and smooth, strong and thick, of high folding strength, and high tension, common thickness is 120-300g. Art paper : Surface is very smooth and flat, of high whiteness and glossiness, the printing is three-dimensional, color is bright and very nice, widely used in wrapping tubes, common thick is 157g. Offset paper : Weak scalability, good smoothness and whiteness, tight quality, used in winding paper tube, but it occurs galling, quality is not as good as white kraft paper.

Why Choose Cardboard Tubes for Household Purposes? When it comes to packaging solutions, cardboard is used for domestic, household, commercial, industrial and other applications. There are several reasons why you should choose cardboard tubes for packaging household items. You can purchase custom-made cardboard tubes to meet your exact requirements. As cardboard tubes do not require high labor costs, they are a suitable item for packaging. If you are planning to move your house, you can look for different types of cardboard tubes to pack your stuff. They can be recycled and re-used also. They are an environment-friendly material for packaging solutions. Being easy to use and affordable, cardboard tubes are widely used for different applications across the globe.

Guangzhou Hopak Packaging Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in cylinder cardboard tube packaging, which is located in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, marketing office in Guangzhou. Our factory covers an area of about 3000 square meters, with advanced machines, such as automatic one pipe winding machine, 6 sets of half automatic curling machines, one die out machine, 5 pipe cutting machines, etc.. Discover more details on here.

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