Wildlife artwork by VLG Studios

Posted On Jan 31 2020

Let’s start with the best locations where a wildlife artist can get the maximum inspiration. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: If you are wildlife enthusiast then this is for sure that Galapagos Islands is undeniably on your bucket list. With its vivid marine life around the 29 islands, this place has become very popular with the people. This place is also called a unique ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’. You will definitely get that perfect shot of the Galapagos here. Due to the volcanic activity and the ongoing seismic process this island gave birth to the unusual marine life of this island. One can also find land iguana, the giant tortoise, and the many types of finch. So, guys this island is a must visit for you along with your lenses.

Madagascar: Madagascar’s national parks are famed for their incredible biodiversity. There are over 33 species of lemur on the island, all of them sadly endangered, and while seeking them out you may also find colourful butterflies and a host of reptiles including toothy crocodiles. You’ll practice twilight and nocturnal shooting, and there will also be the opportunity to take portraits and streetscapes in cities such as Antsirabe.

I hope to be able to produce at least 24 paintings in 24 hours and all of the originals produced during the 24 hours will be given to the highest donators who have donated more than £30, with the most generous donator getting first choice and so on. My theme for the event is African wildlife and as many of you know, I do love to paint big cats, so there will be some big cats in the originals produced on the day. You can follow me live as I complete my paintathon challenge as I will be doing live video feeds via facebook and Instagram throughout the 24 hours and posting regularly on both with updates on my progress Facebook @Vanessa.Grundy.Artist Instagram @vlgstudios. And of course, you can follow my progress and find out more on here. Read even more info at Wildlife Artwork.

I believe transparency is super important with my customers, and so I will soon be setting up a new page on my website illustrating the causes that we will be supporting including the total amount of donations that have been made through product purchases by customers! Between now and the 10th of January, all profits from sales made on my website will be donated to the emergency fund at WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.) which is being used to help rescue sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife affected by the ongoing bushfires.

My fascination for the natural world started at a very early age, and my love of animals has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. During my senior years at Birkenhead High School for Girls (2006- 2013), I developed a deep passion for drawing and painting, and art became the central focus of my studies. I was truly inspired by wildlife artists such as David Shepherd and Jason Morgan, and wildlife art became the main theme of all my work. See even more details on www.vlgstudios.com.

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Written by Marian Vasilescu