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Posted On Oct 31 2019

Looking for Start-up consulting guides ? When designing your product, think about the advantages it provides its users rather than what it can do. For example, a feature of a portable washer is that it can wash clothes on the go. An advantage is that it doesn’t require a sink attachment. Consumers are more likely to be convinced of your product if you can convey advantages — how your product can improve their life.

It’s nearly impossible to find a successful company that hasn’t experienced failure – or even multiple failures – at some point along the line. Failure is a part of entrepreneurship, however, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Failure doesn’t mean the end. It can actually mean the beginning of something even better. There is much to be learned from each individual failure in a company’s history and if you’re alert, you’ll learn from yours. Just be sure to expect setbacks. There’s nothing worse for your morale than the total shock and surprise of finding out something you were confident was perfect as is, actually wasn’t. Every setback is an opportunity to improve and continue building. If you look at setbacks as motivators, they can actually help you modify your product into something even better than you had initially expected. No one reaches success by remaining inflexible. Read more info at Product design and development.

Take the time to map out an overall brand strategy before thinking about design, look, feel, voice or any specific elements. As an entrepreneur eager to turn your idea into dollars, it’s tempting to jump right into “the fun part” of branding – designing a logo or signage, picking colors, creating a website, etc. But that’s a mistake if you haven’t done the legwork of defining your brand strategy – i.e. what you stand for (mission, core values), your point(s) of differentiation and market positioning, and your target customers. Answering these questions will help you create a blueprint from which all of the individual brand identity elements will flow much more easily.

Start-Up advice of the day : Learn from criticism: Relentless negativity is of no use to you, but thoughtful criticism can be very valuable. Any opportunity to improve an aspect of your business should be warmly welcomed. Challenge conventional wisdom: Learn to spot when helpful advice is merely a suggestion to conform to the popular paradigm of the times. Source:

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Written by Marie Poppins