Car insurance comparison in Dubai

Posted On Nov 23 2019

What are the top companies that offer car insurance, especially serving Dubai? Here are a few advices to purchase the best available car insurance package. This article is a good general information piece but is targeted at Dubai car insurance market.

Up the excess: Your excess (or deductible) is the amount of money you commit to paying should your insurance need to make a payout. This includes accidents, repairs, theft and more. Generally, you’re offered a minimum excess amount relative to your premium that you would need to pay from your pocket. The lower your excess, the higher the premium, because the insurance company is essentially committing to paying more. But if you choose to increase your excess, you can save more on your premium.

Since it is mandatory for every car owner to have a car insurance coverage in the UAE, having third-party insurance fulfilstheir legal liability. Third-party insurance is cheaper since it covers policyholder’s legal liability in case of death/bodily injury of third-party or damage/ loss to the third-party property. Having said that, it doesn’t provide insurance coverage for the insured vehicle. Safe driving not only reduces the possibility of the driver being involved in an accident but also it helps them to maintain a good driving record. Maintaining a good driving record has its own perks. It helps the car owner to buy a carinsurance policy at a lowcost. Discover extra info at Car Insurance In UAE.

So how do you ensure you have the right insurance for your car? – By learning about the Dubai insurance market and what is available for car owners. The most common type of Dubai insurance is third party liability. It is used by most car owners in Dubai because it is cheaper but it also offers limited coverage. But if you own a second-hand car with low repair costs, this may sound a wise decision. As it only covers the damage done to third party vehicle and property, you are on your own. So it may not work if you own a new or expensive work. is built on over a decade’s worth of insurance experience and expertise. Mark Bachayani, our co-founder has worked in insurance for nearly 15 years, and understands the pain points of the customers who are looking to buy or renew their insurance, be it car, home, life or health and has been looking at how to resolve these issues as well as providing a solution-based service to his clients. Why should you buy your car insurance through You can buy affordable car insurance easily & fast without running into any problems or obstacles. We always put our customers in the first place & we never take an Admin Fee. Source:

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Written by Marie Poppins